Is the ethanol mandate the most broken policy in America?

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The renewable fuel standard is broken

For a decade, the ethanol mandate (Renewable Fuel Standard) has not only failed to deliver on its goals, it’s actually worked against them – an unfortunate case of good intentions gone bad.

Growing corn for ethanol fuel is straining environmental resources and is a raw deal for consumers. Read on to learn where the policy went wrong and how we can fix it.

Five million acres of land set aside for conservation have vanished, plowed over to grow corn for ethanol fuel.

America's ethanol mandate has turned conservation land larger than Yellowstone, the Everglades and Yosemite National Park combined into industrial cornfields, displacing wildlife, depleting soil of nutrients and sending massive fertilizer runoff into American waterways.

Take Action to Save the Environment

By 2017, the ethanol mandate could increase gas prices by an additional 9 percent .

Because ethanol contains a third less energy than regular gasoline, gallon-for-gallon, ethanol in your tank means more trips to the pump, while simultaneously inflating the cost of corn in food.

And that's just the beginning. Even the government has predicted that if consumer demand falls short of mandated levels, gas prices could go up by an additional 9 percent in the next three years.

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227.7 million cars on the road today are not designed to run on high blends of ethanol.

With each passing year, the ethanol mandate increases regardless of how much fuel Americans need. This means that we may soon reach a point where we're at risk of using ethanol blends that could damage up to 90 percent of cars on the road today, and 100 percent of boats, lawnmowers, motorcycles and other small engines.

Take action to Protect your Engine

Every American who learns about the broken promises of the ethanol mandate takes us one step closer to reform.

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We believe that a smarter fuel future begins with reform of ethanol mandates.

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