Home State: South Carolina - "Give the poor man a chance. Most folks can't afford to buy a new chainsaw, generator, power washer, boat motor or other small engines because ethanol is ruining their engines."

Home State: Texas - "We are wasting tax dollars on a poor product that harms our engines, destroys food sources and subsidizes something we don't need or want."

Home State: Illinois - "The ethanol mandate is a waste of taxpayers’ money. We should export or use these crops for their food value not for a fuel additive."

Home State: Tennessee - "The ethanol mandate is one of the worst requirements the government has dictated to its citizens."

Home State: Washington - "[The RFS] is a non cost-effective program. The 'fuel' would much better be used for animal feed or human consumption rather than being squandered on such an inefficient program."

Home State: North Carolina - "The addition of Ethanol has exacted a terrible cost in the maintenance of gasoline engines."

Home State: California - "Ethanol is bad for the environment and a waste of our precious water."

Home State: California - "Growing corn by the millions of acres for ethanol should be considered a crime against humanity as well as the planet. This product is unnecessary and detrimental in every way imaginable."

Home State: New Jersey - “We are ruining farmland that is needed for nutritional food.”

Home State: Tennessee - “Ethanol is not in the best interest of the American people. Ethanol is not good for automobile and truck engines, and drives up the price of fuel.”

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