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April 1, 2016

Imagine a world where government ethanol mandates work as they are intended to—with beautiful forests spanning from coast to coast, butterflies floating gently through crisp, clean air and high
ethanol-blend fuels efficiently powering all cars, boats, motorcycles and every small engine imaginable.

This world is a utopia, nay, a FUELTOPIA.

In Fueltopia, the ethanol mandates have made sure that grasslands are safer and greener. Conservation lands thrive and provide cozy habitats to America’s butterflies and honeybee colonies.

Even better, in this glorious Fueltopia, gas with higher blends of ethanol is more efficient than pure gasoline—and boats, motorcycles and other small engine equipment run perfectly on RFS-mandated fuels. There is no engine corrosion. No costly engine damage.

Ahhh, Fueltopia. What a perfect place to be…


It’s hard for us to joke about one of the most broken policies in America when the effects of the ethanol mandates on our country have been no laughing matter. Since the RFS mandates were introduced in in 2005, SEVEN millions of acres of natural habitat have been converted to corn production to meet the government’s absurd biofuel blend requirements—contributing to nearly twice the greenhouse gas emissions, poorer air quality and the destruction of vital natural habitats for honeybees, butterflies and other native wildlife.

Meanwhile, the ethanol mandates are making it harder for people to locate the ethanol-free gasoline they need to power their boats, motorcycles and other small-engine equipment that cannot safely operate on fuels with higher blends of ethanol without the risk of costly and sometimes dangerous damage. Higher blends of ethanol fuel also contain 33 percent less energy content than pure gasoline, and ultimately decrease fuel efficiency.

The “Fueltopia” legislators strived for when enacting the RFS is unreachable, and until Congress takes action to reform or repeal the federal ethanol mandates, Americans will continue to suffer the consequences.

This April Fuels Day, we hope you’re able to see past the jokes and share the truth of this broken policy with your legislator

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