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Stakeholders Hold Press Call & Hill Briefings on Negative Impacts of the Renewable Fuel Standard

A diverse group of stakeholders held a press call to discuss the negative impacts of the RFS. The group was comprised of food and fuel manufacturers, livestock and dairy producers, boating and small engine groups, environmental and anti-hunger organizations, and budget watchdogs.

Bangor Daily News: Maine DEP working on plan to ban gas blends with more than 10 percent ethanol

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is preparing to debate the gasoline blends made up of more than 10 percent ethanol. The state agency is at work on a bill that would ban such gasoline blends in Maine if at least two other New England states go along with the prohibition.

Roll Call: Inhofe: Don’t Waste Precious Defense Funds On Biofuels

Our troops on the front lines are being forced to use equipment well past its service life. We have terminated more than 50 modernization programs in the past two years and drastically scaled back and slowed down the production of ships, ground vehicles and aircraft, increasing overall costs.

Press Release: NMMA Distributes E15 Warning Labels to Manufacturers for use on Boats

There are serious concerns associated with ethanol blends over 10 percent in recreational boat fuel tanks and engines. Anything above E10 can pose serious problems, like stalling, corrosion leading to oil or fuel leaks, increased emissions and damaged valves, rubber fuel lines and gaskets.

BoatUS: Alcohol & Boat Engines, Is There Another Way?

"Federal law says the nation must increase its ""biofuel"" capacity dramatically in the next decade, but does it have to be ethanol?"

Press Release: Six Presented with Environmental Achievement Award at American Boating Congress

The NNMA recognized a group of individuals who have made remarkable contributions to the recreational boating industry over the past year. The Environmental Achievement Awards are given each year to NMMA members who have offered innovative and original advancements in research.

NMMA Evaluates Promising Alternative Biofuel

The boating industry has found that fuel containing more than 10 percent ethanol causes severe damage to boat engines. While marine engines are not currently approved by the EPA for use with E15, misfueling at the pump is a danger for boaters unaware that E15 is not compliant with boat engines.

NMMA Member Testifies Before Congress on E15

On Wednesday, Mr. David Hilbert testified before Congress on behalf of NMMA to address concerns about E15 and marine engines.