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The Hill: Renewable fuels: Due for a reality check

As prices at the pump climbed over the previous decade, biofuel proponents lobbied to replace oil with home-grown biofuels. Some major environmental organizations — enthralled by the prospect of growing energy instead of drilling for it — threw their weight behind the effort.

Washington Post: Biofuel rush wiping out America’s grasslands at fastest pace since 1930s

America’s prairies are shrinking. Spurred on by the rush for biofuels, farmers are digging up grasslands in the northern Plains to plant crops at the quickest pace since the 1930s. While that’s been a boon for farmers, the upheaval could create unexpected problems.

Lansing State Journal: Bruce Edward Walker: Mandates too costly to maintain

Ethanol benefits only those groups that sell the raw material comprising it and the politicians who receive their donations while wreaking immeasurable harm on the world’s most economically vulnerable and providing little to no environmental advantages.

The Price is Wrong: Who’s Picking up the Tab for the RFS?

The RFS mandate affects the prices of two of America’s (and the world’s) most vital commodities—food and fuel. In 2011, 40 percent of the nation’s corn crop was processed into biofuel, rather than food and livestock feed.

National Defense: Study: U.S. Energy Policy Fuels Global Insecurity

U.S. production of corn-based ethanol over the past six years — along with commodity trading speculation — has kept food prices artificially high, which has caused unrest in parts of the world that the Pentagon regards as strategic hotspots.

SFGate: EU Mulls Ways to Reduce Use of Food-Based Biofuel

Environmentalists argue that biofuels made from food, like corn and soybeans, may add as much or even more to greenhouse gas emissions as fossil fuels. Others have criticized the burning of food while there are still millions who can't afford to eat.

The Hill’s Congress Blog: Congress Needs to Revisit Renewable Fuel Standards

As the mandate increases and more U.S. agricultural land is devoted to growing biofuel feedstocks instead of food, we will likely continue to see a rise in food prices worldwide.

Metro Pulse: Biofuels Boondoggle? State’s Investment in Switchgrass Doesn’t Reap Benefit

Congress enacted a Renewable Fuels Standard that called for the production of 500 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol nationally by 2012. But now five years have passed, the $70 million has all been spent, and there’s no sign of a commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant.

Washington Times: Ethanol’s Hidden Gasoline Tax

With regular gasoline prices still averaging more than $3.50 a gallon nationwide, the last thing drivers need is car troubles. Yet a new scheme from Washington to boost the ethanol content of gasoline from 10 percent to 15 percent could gum up many motorists’ travel plans.