Clearing the Air on the Ethanol Mandates
EPA Ignores Inconvenient Facts; Fails to Look Out for the Environment
EWG: Corn Ethanol is NOT a Renewable Fuel

The latest post from the Environmental Working Group looks at reports and analyses to come to the conclusion corn ethanol is NOT a renewable fuel.

Moose Want Answers from Presidential Candidates

If you’ve seen any of our recent posts, you may find yourself asking, “What do moose have to do with the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)?” The answer is, “A lot.”

Don’t Wait until Election Day

With Election Day only a year away, it’s more important than ever for you to speak up for the things you believe in. This can mean waiting to vote in the next election, or it can mean using your voice now.

Inconvenient Fact: Science Concludes Ethanol Mandates Harm Environment, Worsen Emissions

As a coalition of diverse organizations representing environmental, anti-hunger, consumer and business interests, Smarter Fuel Future is committed to spreading the truth about the innumerable negative impacts and unintended consequences of the government-imposed ethanol mandates created by the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

The 5 Things You Need to Know About the RFS

This election season, with so many presidential candidates vying for our country’s highest office, it’s more important than ever to understand the federal policies that affect our daily lives.

RFS Roundup: The Real Environmental Impacts of the Ethanol Mandate

While environmental conversations may be happening through many different channels and among many types of people, one thing is clear: people of all stripes are ready to act for positive environmental change.

EPA Heads to Dust Bowl ‘Ground Zero’ for Public Hearing

The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, is headed to Kansas City, Kan. next week to host the one and only public hearing on the agency’s most recent proposal on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

Are Ethanol Refineries Making Your Air Dangerous to Breathe?

On this World Environment Day, let’s, you and I—and the federal government—take a minute to think about how we can take better care of our earth.

This Memorial Day Weekend, 74.4 M Miles will be Sacrificed to Big Ethanol

Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of the summer driving season, and as this year’s estimated 37.2 million road trippers hit the highway, they have great expectations to get the most out of every dollar and every mile.

RFS Roundup: The Environmental Devastation of the Ethanol Mandate
RFS Roundup: In the News

Stay up to date on this weeks RFS news.

Hall of Legislative Curiosities: The Not-So Renewable Fuel Standard

For our third Hall of Legislative Curiosities series we’ve taken a look at the environmental problems at the heart of this perplexing the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)

Guest Post: Biofuels, Hunger, and Climate: Fixing California’s LCFS Analysis

The politics surrounding biofuels and biomass-based power generation are so fraught with controversy that the Washington Post recently labeled bioenergy “a familiar obstacle to good policymaking.”

The Faux Green Policy Environmentalists Hate

“If this is an environmental rule but it harms the environment, then who does it even benefit?”

Environmental Working Group & Friends Call for RFS Reform

In an event convened by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), an unlikely coalition of voices came together to discuss the mass deforestation, volatile food prices and the dangerous, costly fuel being forced upon Americans by the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

The Ethanol Lobby’s Greatest Hits: 2014 Edition

Despite overwhelming evidence that the ethanol mandate is a failed policy, in 2014 the ethanol lobby continued to prove they are divorced from reality by declaring the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) an “unmitigated success.”

What the Ethanol Lobby Doesn’t Want Chicago to Know

Chicago city alderman Burke and the ethanol lobby push for a mandate on higher ethanol blends despite its detriment to air quality.

Friday RFS Roundup - 9/19

Stay up to date on this week’s ethanol mandate news.

24 Ethanol Realities

Proponents of the ethanol mandate promised Americans that their plan would save the environment; but 10 years later, America’s premier “environmental” policy is actually doing more harm to the environment than good.