Take Action Against Hunger on World Food Day

This Friday, as we honor World Food Day, we are reminded of a harsh reality: what should be a basic human right is inaccessible to many.

Why the RFS Matters in Election 2016

As we move into the second GOP debate of the 2016 presidential election, you may wonder: Why should I care about this issue right now?

More RFS Reform, Less Pandering

It’s like clockwork. Every four years, a new presidential election cycle ramps up and each time, no matter who is running, Iowa becomes the centerpiece of political discussion.

Kentucky Policymakers Hear the Message: Corn is Food, Not Fuel

We attended Kentucky’s 2015 Fancy Farm Picnic to help Kentuckians initiate conversations about the RFS with their lawmakers.

Unsettling Bee Colony Collapse Linked to Ethanol Mandates

America’s bee colonies are dying off at an alarming rate. This trend is so alarming that politicians in Washington are paying attention

The Ethanol Mandate Does A Dishonor to Earth Day

As concert goers celebrated in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol building, many were likely unaware of the law put in place that is responsible for increasing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, severely polluting our waterways, straining already depleted water supplies, aggravating global hunger and worsening extreme poverty around the world.

The Ethanol Mandate Is Hurting Farmers

“When it comes to the corn ethanol mandate, it has really affected us in a very dramatic way…When you’re losing $100,000 a month, it’s pretty tough to stay in business.”

Environmental Working Group & Friends Call for RFS Reform

In an event convened by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), an unlikely coalition of voices came together to discuss the mass deforestation, volatile food prices and the dangerous, costly fuel being forced upon Americans by the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

Coming Together for Everyday Americans

Reforming the RFS already has bipartisan support in Congress because policymakers on both sides of the aisle have seen the negative impact it has had in their home states.

Friday RFS Roundup – 8/8

Stay up to date on this week’s ethanol mandate news.

Friday RFS Roundup – 6/20

Stay up to date on this week’s ethanol mandate news.

What Can Chicago Restaurants Agree On?
Friday RFS Roundup – 6/6

Stay up to date on this week’s ethanol mandate news.

Rising Consumer Price Index Confirms Inflation

This year, the price of ethanol soared above gasoline prices, and each year, more corn is diverted away from animal feed and our food supply and into our fuel. The UN stated in a report that the cost of corn, wheat, rice and soybeans could go up as much as 20 percent thanks to biofuels mandates.

Friday RFS Roundup – 5/16

Stay up to date on this week’s ethanol mandate news.

The Hall of Legislative Curiosities: Food or Fuel?

What happens when you use the world’s breadbasket to feed cars, not people? No surprise here: Less land for food means higher prices for you.

For Family Farmers, Ethanol Mandate Poses a Threat

Approximately 40 percent of American corn crops are blended in ethanol. For poultry and livestock farmers, this creates a serious problem: the market price of corn – the necessary staple in animals’ feed – experiences unpredictability due to changes in the crops supply and price due to the mandate.

Biofuels & American Energy with The Hill

On Thursday, April 10, several diverse voices—including chain restaurants and environmentalists—participated in a panel with The Hill Magazine to discuss why the need to reform the government’s ethanol mandate is at critical mass.

The price you pay

Beef, poultry, milk and cheese prices have all been on the rise for nearly a decade. By 2022, the RFS will increase food costs for Americans by $3 billion annually. And now the drought, which has been affecting various parts of the country since 2012, is making what is already bad, worse.

The Ethanol Lobby Changes their Tune…Again

While ethanol producers are bringing in record profits, dairy and poultry farmers have been forced to close up shop, unable to afford feed for animals.

ABC Alabama News: Feed Costs Drive Up Turkey Prices

Bates Turkey Farm sells nearly 20,000 turkeys during the holidays, but the cost of fuel and feed is making the price for these holiday meals more expensive by the pound.