Don’t Wait until Election Day

With Election Day only a year away, it’s more important than ever for you to speak up for the things you believe in. This can mean waiting to vote in the next election, or it can mean using your voice now.

E85: Lofty Goal or Unachievable Pipe Dream?

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) has set us up for failure.

This Memorial Day Weekend, 74.4 M Miles will be Sacrificed to Big Ethanol

Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of the summer driving season, and as this year’s estimated 37.2 million road trippers hit the highway, they have great expectations to get the most out of every dollar and every mile.

The Ethanol Mandate is an Expensive Failure

You may not know it, but a government mandate exists that dictates the kind of fuel that goes into your car’s gas tank and you’re not only paying for it at the pump, but also in the grocery store and on tax day.

Broken Fuel Mandate Riles Bikers

Swelling gas tanks, fewer miles to the gallon and “green sticky crap” in the carburetor… ethanol in our gasoline is causing all kinds of problems for motorcyclists, boaters and owners of other types of small engines like snow blowers and lawn mowers.

Coming Together for Everyday Americans

Reforming the RFS already has bipartisan support in Congress because policymakers on both sides of the aisle have seen the negative impact it has had in their home states.

The Ethanol Lobby’s Greatest Hits: 2014 Edition

Despite overwhelming evidence that the ethanol mandate is a failed policy, in 2014 the ethanol lobby continued to prove they are divorced from reality by declaring the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) an “unmitigated success.”

Friday RFS Roundup – 11/14

As the Office of Management and Budget continues to sit on the 2014 ethanol mandate, which is more than 10 months late, advance biofuels sweetheart KiOR files for bankruptcy and EWG and AAA expose the problems with corn ethanol.

The fundamental problem with the ethanol mandate

Higher gas prices and plowing over natural conservation land should be cause enough for Congress to revisit the ethanol mandate, but the fundamental problem with policy is simply a disconnect with economic basics.

Friday RFS Roundup – 6/13

Stay up to date on this week’s ethanol mandate news.

Friday RFS Roundup – 4/25

Stay up to date on this week’s ethanol mandate news.

Ethanol industry’s record profits

The ethanol lobby is fighting hard for to defeat EPA’s proposal and maintain the status quo. The industry threatened to sue the EPA if they scaled back the RFS — a power that is well within their right, rarely used and the foundation of the much-touted “flexibility” of the policy.

The Wall Street Journal: The Ethanol Enforcers

In its zeal to impose the ethanol boondoggle, Congress has mandated it, subsidized it, and protected it from competitors. Now some Senators are siccing prosecutors on those who still won't get on their ethanol corn-wagon.

The Hill: Consumers don’t want ethanol

The scientific and economic reality is that ethanol is much more costly to produce than gasoline, while providing 27 percent lower fuel economy than gasoline on an energy equivalent basis. Hence consumers have to purchase more fuel to drive the same distances.

The Daily Caller: GOP may attach ethanol mandate reform to debt ceiling package

There are reports that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor may introduce legislation to reform the ethanol mandate. Cantor’s comments were made during a meeting with top oil industry executives and lobbyists from organizations, including Valero, Phillips 66, Chevron, and ExxonMobil.

The Twin Cities Daily Planet: Ethanol is a not long term solution

Ethanol may help keep corn demand and prices high to support our farmers, but there are a number of downsides to corn ethanol. It supports a system that over-relies on corn, drives up food prices and it contains less energy per volume than gasoline.

The Washington Post: Ethanol mandates creating an economic car-wreck

The 2007 federal law mandating ever-greater ethanol consumption remains on the books, and it is starting to create the economic equivalent of a multi-car freeway pileup.

The Wall Street Journal: EPA Revisits Ethanol Mandate as Fuel Use Slips

U.S. regulators said they would propose for the first time lowering the mandated consumption of corn ethanol used in motor fuel, a reversal in policy that puts a powerful industry on the defense.

Wonkblog: The U.S. is hitting its ethanol limit. So the EPA may relax its biofuels rules.

Cars and fuel pumps in the United States can easily handle gasoline with 10 percent ethanol or less, a blend known as “E10.” But if we started mixing even more ethanol in that gasoline — say, moving up to 15 percent, or E15 — it gets trickier.

Energy Trends Insider: Crashing into the Ethanol Blend Wall

The Energy and Commerce Committee of the US House of Representatives has been holding hearings this week on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). These hearings are timely, since at least two bills have been introduced to reform or repeal the RFS.

NACS Survey: Evolve The Renewable Fuels Standard

For the RFS to succeed, two things have to happen in a relatively short span of time. First, retailers must be able to legally and affordably sell new fuels. Second, consumers need to accept and use the new fuels that will be required by the program.