Boaters tell President Trump: Fix the Broken Ethanol Mandates

Recently, a coalition of the nation’s top recreational boating and sport fishing organizations sent a letter to Washington urging rapid reform of the sinking RFS.

Ethanol Mandates: Driving Towards Higher Costs

A new AAA survey found that one in three U.S. drivers cannot pay for an unexpected car repair bill. With the average repair bill costing between $500 and $600, 64 million American drivers are at risk of going into debt should auto trouble strike.

Read This Before You Fuel Up This Winter

What’s worse than getting coal in your stocking? Having trouble with your engine-powered winter equipment, thanks to the ethanol mandates.

EPA Pushing the Limits

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is standing behind a policy that would require a four-gallon minimum fuel purchase from pumps that dispense gasoline with 10 percent ethanol (E10) and 15 percent ethanol (E15) fuel from the same hose.

5 Outdoor Activities Ruined by the Renewable Fuel Standard

Is summer fun being put on notice? The Renewable Fuel Standard is siphoning the fun out of many outdoor activities you know and love. If it’s not reformed, it could wreak havoc on a season meant to be spent outside, enjoying nature and relaxing with friends and family.

The Summertime Hunt for Ethanol-Free Fuel

Sweet summertime is almost upon us - and more than ever, boaters are in search of ethanol-free fuel (E0) for their boats. Learn from two boating experts about the task of finding E0 to avoid the summertime sadness.

Join Us in DC!

For the next two weeks, historic vehicles are taking over our nation’s capital, and we want you to be a part of the festivities! We would be honored if you would join us for the second annual Cars at the Capital event in Washington, DC.

RFS Makes Headlines at Florida Sunshine Summit

After hearing numerous Floridians explain the negative impacts of ethanol mandates, we hope it became clear to the candidates that something needs to be done.

Boaters are Thirsty for Ethanol-Free Gas, Says New Poll

If you’re looking to safely fuel your boat this Labor Day weekend, there’s a good chance you may be out of luck.

The Ethanol Mandate Threatens Bikers’ Way of Life

“The ethanol mandate just hits too close to home for me to sit and talk about it. It’s something that demands my action.”

E85: Lofty Goal or Unachievable Pipe Dream?

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) has set us up for failure.

The Ethanol Mandate is Hurting the Boating Community

High-ethanol fuel blends damage marine engines. Terry Hill, owner of boat service company Potomac Marine, explains why.

Leno Doubles Down on Opposition to the Ethanol Mandate

In a second Autoweek column in two months, Jay Leno, beloved former Tonight Show host and prominent vintage car collector, has doubled down on his call for reform of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)

Leno Hates the Ethanol Mandate and You Should Too

Jay Leno, former “Tonight Show” host and prominent vintage car collector and enthusiast, discussed this recent spike in auto fires to Autoweek. What does he identify as the culprit? Ethanol.

Environmental Working Group & Friends Call for RFS Reform

In an event convened by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), an unlikely coalition of voices came together to discuss the mass deforestation, volatile food prices and the dangerous, costly fuel being forced upon Americans by the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

Guest Post: Motorcyclists Oppose the E15 Mandate in Chicago
Broken Fuel Mandate Riles Bikers

Swelling gas tanks, fewer miles to the gallon and “green sticky crap” in the carburetor… ethanol in our gasoline is causing all kinds of problems for motorcyclists, boaters and owners of other types of small engines like snow blowers and lawn mowers.

Coming Together for Everyday Americans

Reforming the RFS already has bipartisan support in Congress because policymakers on both sides of the aisle have seen the negative impact it has had in their home states.

Opposition to Ethanol Mandates Continues to Grow

Opposition to misguided policies mandating the use of high-ethanol fuels continues to grow at all levels of government.

Could Your Next Fill-Up Damage Your Engine?

Wondering if you are one of the only 10 percent of car owners who can safely use E15? Check our handy chart below to see if E15 would void our manufacturer’s warranty.

The Ethanol Lobby’s Greatest Hits: 2014 Edition

Despite overwhelming evidence that the ethanol mandate is a failed policy, in 2014 the ethanol lobby continued to prove they are divorced from reality by declaring the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) an “unmitigated success.”