Nan Swift Speaks Out Against The Ethanol Mandate


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The Ethanol Mandate is an Expensive Failure

You may not know it, but a government mandate exists that dictates the kind of fuel that goes into your car’s gas tank and you’re not only paying for it at the pump, but also in the grocery store and on tax day.

The Economist: Difference Engine: End the ethanol tax

The tussle between Big Oil and Big Corn has burst into the open because of the sudden surge in petrol prices—up 12% since the beginning of March. This has happened at a time when oil prices in general have been flat, or even in decline.

Washington Times: Ethanol’s Hidden Gasoline Tax

With regular gasoline prices still averaging more than $3.50 a gallon nationwide, the last thing drivers need is car troubles. Yet a new scheme from Washington to boost the ethanol content of gasoline from 10 percent to 15 percent could gum up many motorists’ travel plans.