National Ag Week

It’s National Agriculture Week!

But the broken ethanol mandates are trying to put a damper on the party.

We’re releasing a new GIF each day showing this policy’s harmful effects on the environment. Be sure to check out our Twitter and Facebook pages to see what content we’ve grown on the SFF farm!

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Biofuels Mandates Ravage the Land

Using government satellite data — the best tool available — the AP identified a conservative estimate of 1.2 million acres of grassland in Nebraska and the Dakotas alone that have been converted to fields of corn and soybeans since 2006.

Biofuels and Indirect Land-Use Change

Map shows how biofuels can contribute indirectly to global warming (Source: Clean Air Task Force)

Water and Land Use for Biofuels

Table shows the high amounts of water and land needed for biofuels production; much lower amounts for conventional gasoline and diesel (source: University of Colorado)