Is the ethanol mandate the most broken policy in America?

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For more than a decade, the ethanol mandates (Renewable Fuel Standard) have not only failed to deliver on their goals, they’ve actually worked against them – an unfortunate case of good intentions gone bad.

Read on to learn where the policy went wrong and how we can fix it.

The RFS is a hidden tax that hurts consumers and limits their choices. – Nan Swift, National Taxpayers Union

Consumers — from boat owners to motorcyclists and everyday commuters — are forced to use a fuel that they do not want and most cannot use. Consumers should determine ethanol’s place in the market, not Big Government. Now is the time for Congress to reform the Renewable Fuel Standard.

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Every American who learns about the broken promises of the ethanol mandate takes us one step closer to reform.

We believe that a smarter fuel future begins with reform of ethanol mandates.