A Most Disappointing First Anniversary

November 14, 2014

It’s official: one year ago, the Environmental Protection Agency acknowledged reality and proposed lowering the 2014 ethanol mandate to avoid reaching the blend wall and a spike in gas prices. You may remember, our partners were pretty thrilled.

Unfortunately, in the 365 days since, exactly zero progress has been made. With only 47 days left in the year, corn farmers, livestock producers, restaurateursrefiners and the American public are still waiting for the final ethanol mandate numbers to be set for this year.

While their desired outcomes vary, refinersCongressmen and ethanol producers have all urged the White House for a decision. No matter who wins, everyone agrees that the delay is costly for everyday Americans.

The RFS isn't a policy that we can depend on. Tell Congress today that we need them to fix a policy that's so broken it can't even be implemented on time.