Ahead of Fourth Republican Presidential Debate, Voters Demand Answers on Federal Ethanol Mandate

November 9, 2015

If you watched the most recent Republican presidential debate on October 28th, you witnessed a field of candidates being asked questions about their “greatest weakness,” whether or not their proposals were “crazy,” and if one candidate’s tax code proposal would be in “really small type.” Meanwhile, a serious policy issue that affects every single American, the federal ethanol mandate, went almost completely unremarked upon. Well, voters are demanding that the fourth GOP debate address this serious policy question so they can make informed decisions about which candidate they will support.

In fact, more than 2,000 Americans closely watching the Republican presidential field have signed our petition calling on the moderators of the next debate to ask: What is your position on the federal ethanol mandate? It’s time the GOP candidates give voters a clear answer about this important policy issue—and that is what presidential debates should be about.

Join our campaign to get answers by clicking here to tweet at the moderators of the next GOP debate, asking them to get all presidential candidates on the record about the ethanol mandate.