Americans Tell the EPA: Stop this Ethanol Nightmare!

July 22, 2015

“Please stop this ethanol nightmare!” an avid boater and fisherman from New Jersey told the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last week.

Public comments against the EPA’s recent ethanol mandate proposal—obligated by the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)—are pouring in during an open comment period that ends on Monday, July 27.

Ethanol-blended gasoline “basically kills marine engines and all its components,” continued boater Glen Linde. He says he just wants to enjoy the coastline but can’t afford to replace marine engines destroyed by ethanol.

The bulk of public comments to the EPA collectively convey this: We’re fed up with paying the price for an ill-conceived and broken policy. It’s taking our hard-earned money.

“I'm retired now, and this is really putting a crimp in my fixed income,” wrote George Van Teslaar, a six-decade-long motorcycle enthusiast of Florida, who now shoulders the cost of an ethanol-damaged engine for his bike. “Not to mention the cost of most other products my wife and I buy that have skyrocketed in price since the advent of [ethanol] in gasoline.”

In fact, the collective price of meats, poultry, fish, and eggs have increased 78.8 percent since the RFS was expanded in 2007, and the Congressional Research Service says the RFS will increase food costs for Americans by $3 billion—annually—by 2022.

New Hampshire state Representative Joe Guthrie told the EPA he’s concerned about elderly folks, like Van Teslaar, who often suffer the most from food price hikes.

“The elderly community, containing some of society’s most vulnerable members, has been adversely affected and harmed by these ethanol mandates that have caused food prices to increase. While the elderly continue to live off of a fixed income, the [sic] they continue to see their grocery bills get higher and higher each week.”

It’s time to end this nightmare.

If you’re fed up with damaged engines and higher grocery bills, you have just days left to tell the EPA to that the RFS is broken. The comment period ends Monday. Act now!