Anti-Ethanol Mandate Advocates Meet with EPA, Legislators in RFS Day of Action

May 6, 2015

A motorcyclist, a bison farmer and a boater walk into the EPA. Unfortunately for the ethanol lobby, this one doesn’t end with a punchline.

Last week, an odd-fellow group of 17 advocates from 7 states representing a wide range of perspectives came to Washington, D.C. to look policymakers in the eye and tell them the truth: the federally-imposed ethanol mandate is a broken policy. Thirty-one times, in 31 different meetings, this diverse group of passionate agitators reminded their legislators that policy should work for the people. But the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) isn’t working for the people; it’s working against them.  

The “Renewable Fuel Standard Day of Action” was kicked off by a joint meeting at EPA headquarters with RFS program officials. In this one-hour meeting, participants shared real examples of how the ethanol mandates cost consumers money, destroy small engines and burden family-owned farms and livestock producers. Together, they stressed to EPA program officials the need for legislative reform to permanently address the problems inherent in the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) as it exists today. 

Next, the 17 advocates went straight to Capitol Hill for 30 meetings with legislators, emphasizing the local impacts of the policy and need for repeal or, at the very least, reform of the RFS.

As they did so, we asked people across the country to:

1. Go on the record against the RFS, and

2. Nominate their representatives in Congress and likeminded individuals to go on the record against the RFS, using the hashtag #RFSonRecord.

Thousands of people went on record, and hundreds of people tweeted at their lawmakers. Here’s David Jacobs of the Kentucky Motorcycle Association’s nomination of Senator Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky.

It’s time policymakers acknowledge the true unintended consequences of the federally-imposed ethanol mandate. Let your legislators know by going on record.

Are you a motorcyclist? David Jacobs nominates you.

Are you a Californian? Andrew Ysiano nominates you.

Are you a Pennsylvanian? Mary Dutcher nominates you.

Are a farmer or rancher? Dave Uible nominates you.

Are you against ethanol mandates? We nominate you!