Big Ethanol Admits Biofuel Mandates Inflate Corn Prices

July 24, 2013

Yesterday, the head of the ethanol lobby Bob Dinneen testified in front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee on the Renewable Fuel Standard. At the 2:02:06 mark in the video above, you can hear Dineen admit that ethanol mandates were intended to raise the price of corn, costing consumers but lining corn growers' pockets.

This admission comes at a time when a rising chorus of independent voices warn of a coming food crisis, which we detailed last week:

“In recent weeks, two separate researchers– Lester Brown of the Earth Policy Institute and Timothy Searchinger from Princeton University – have both found a significant link between government-mandated ethanol production and food scarcity.

Meanwhile, current global food trends point to increased difficulties in feeding the world in upcoming years. A new study reveals that there won’t be enough food to feed the world by 2050. Closer to home, the U.S. Agriculture Department estimates that 101 million people – or nearly one in three Americans – are currently receiving food assistance of some kind.”

Do you agree it’s time for Congress to put Americans right to affordable food first? Demand change here.