Building an Unbreakable ‘Blend Wall’

May 12, 2016

Two Congressmen—an environmentalist from Vermont and a former oil man from Texas—are crossing party lines to take a stand and call for reform to the unworkable ethanol mandates.

Representatives Bill Flores (R-TX) and Peter Welch (D-VT) teamed up this week to introduce the “Food and Fuel Consumer Protection Act of 2016,” a bill calling for critical changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). The bipartisan support extends to the legislation’s cosponsors: Reps. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), Jim Costa (D-CA), Steve Womack (R-AR) and Cedric Richmond (D-LA).

The RFS has been a nightmare for our environment, our engines and our wallets, and that’s why the team led by Reps. Welch and Flores is working to protect consumers as much as possible from the mess caused by the mandates.

The bipartisan bill caps ethanol content in gasoline at just under 10 percent (E10)—building an unbreakable “blend wall” in recognition that there’s a limit to the volume of biofuels our fuel supply, vehicle fleet and national infrastructure can safely handle. This legislation will also ensure that ethanol-free gasoline (E0), which many boaters prefer, won’t be crowded out of the marketplace.

While gas stations will have the choice to sell higher blends of ethanol, such as E15 or E85, the bill will prevent the EPA from using the RFS mandate to force these higher blends into the market.

For consumers, this is worthy of a celebration. From taxpayers to small engine enthusiasts, famers and fishers, the Food and Fuel Consumer Protection Act will benefit real people.

We’re glad to see bipartisan members of Congress taking steps in the right direction to protect our country from the damages caused by the ethanol mandates. We stand by these leaders, and hope that their peers also recognize the need for this kind of reform to the RFS.

Take a look at what some of the diverse organizations around the country are saying about this bill:


The Food and Fuel Consumer Protection Act is just another example of the bipartisan effort to reform the RFS. With momentum rolling in our favor, we need you to raise your voice on the ethanol mandates!

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