CNBC: AAA Warns E15 Gas May Damage Cars

December 5, 2012

CNBC's Phil Lebeau reports on a new warning issued by the AAA on Friday concerning the sale of new E15 gasoline, a fuel blend containing 15% ethanol. According to a survey conducted by the motorist association, 95% of consumers have not heard of E15, which was approved for sale by the EPA in June. Currently, only about 12 million vehicles are approved to use E15 gasoline, leaving approximately 228 million vehicles on America’s roads that are incompatible with the new fuel.  Seven auto manufacturers claim E15 does not comply with their fuel requirements while five others have stated that damage caused by improper E15 use is not covered under warranty. The AAA urged regulators and the gasoline industry to suspend the sale of E15 until gas pump labeling and other consumer awareness efforts have been implemented.