Could Your Next Fill-Up Damage Your Engine?

January 15, 2015

Do you own a car? If the answer is yes, then you should know that the ethanol lobby is trying to force its way into your gas tank. For example, in places like Chicago they’re conspiring with local law makers to mandate that your local gas station sell fuel that could not only damage your car’s engine but also void your manufacturer’s warranty, leaving you on the hook for the repair bills.

For approximately 90 percent of automobile owners, mandates that force ever-increasing amounts of ethanol into their gas tanks translate to engine damage and voided warranties. Automakers, AAA and the National Association of Convenience Stores (who actually sell the fuel) have all sounded the alarm on high-ethanol blended fuels like E15, which contains 15 percent ethanol. (Not to mention anti-hunger advocates who decry correlated rising food prices).

Specifically, Toyota, who produces the bestselling car in America (the Camry), said:

“Moving  from  E10  to  E15  represents  a  50%  increase  in  the  alcohol content  of  the  fuel  compared  to what the vehicles were designed to accept…Accordingly, Toyota cannot recommend the use of fuel  with  greater  than  E10  (10%  ethanol) for Toyota vehicles currently on the road,  except  for  the  FFV’s [emphasis added].”

Wondering if you are one of the only 10 percent of car owners who can safely use E15? Check our handy chart below to see if E15 would void our manufacturer’s warranty.

 Not in the ‘fortunate’ 10 percent? Tell your Congressmen how the ethanol mandate is impacting you!