Dear Washington: Ethanol Failed

May 8, 2014

A snowmobiler, a conservationist and a chicken farmer walk into the EPA…

Unfortunately for the ethanol lobby, this one doesn’t end with a punchline. Instead, it’s how our first-ever RFS day-of-action began.

Yesterday 17 people from across the country flew to DC to share the varied reasons why ethanol mandates are failing them and the people they represent.

The result?

  • A personal sit-down meeting with the EPA
  • Meetings with 40+ members of Congress
  • Hundreds of everyday Americans delivering a singular message to the EPA: Ethanol Failed.

Whether you’re concerned about the obscene amount of wilderness converted into massive corn fields to grow corn for ethanol, risks to your engines, lower fuel economy or rising food prices, it’s clear that ethanol mandates in their current form are a policy that most everybody has a problem with – unless of course you stand to make money off of this mandated market…

In the video above, you can see just a few of the types of people who joined us to tell Washington where they stand.

Will you stand with them? Click here to share how #EthanolFailed you and stay tuned here to see your stories shared over the coming weeks.