Ethanol Mandates: Driving Towards Higher Costs

April 19, 2017

You wouldn’t risk letting a complete stranger drive your car. So why would you let a failed a government policy drive up your car bills?

A new AAA survey found that one in three U.S. drivers cannot pay for an unexpected car repair bill. With the average repair bill costing between $500 and $600, 64 million American drivers are at risk of going into debt should auto trouble strike. 

And few things are risking your engine more than the government’s ethanol policies.

By mandating higher percentages of ethanol at the pump, the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is forcing drivers to fill up with potentially harmful fuel blends. This means that you could be sidelined with engine damage such as overheating, unintentional clutch engagement and metal corrosion. And that repair can cost a pretty penny.

The average cost of owning and operating a vehicle is more than $8,500 a year. But as maintenance bills add up, repairs inflicted by the ethanol mandates can end up costing consumers significantly more in the long run.

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Government #ethanol mandates could drive you into debt – and your car to the mechanic. Warn your friends about the risk!

Posted by Smarter Fuel Future on Wednesday, April 19, 2017

P.S. Check out AAA’s fact sheet on car repair affordability to learn more.