Feeding our Tanks

October 16, 2013

World Food Day is a worldwide movement to take action against world hunger. But what would the day look like if we followed the ethanol lobby’s lead by prioritizing food for fuel instead of food for people?

Action Aid UK has an idea:

Small-scale food producers in developing nations have spoken powerfully about the reality they’re confronted with every day: “that biofuels crops compete with their food production, for the land they till, and for the water that sustains them.”

Earlier this year, 80 civil society organizations, including ActionAid, Oxfam and more, wrote an open letter to the Committee on World Food Security urging the committee to recognize the problems with using the world’s food supply to feed our gas tanks.

They argued that setting mandates for biofuels production “legitimize violations of the right to food”.

Tell your Congressman it is time to act on this failing policy.