Forgetting 2014

December 3, 2014

“We give up.”


That's basically what the Environmental Protection Agency said in late November, in announcing that — despite being a year late — they still can't figure out how to set the ethanol mandate for 2014.

The EPA is hurting everyone by creating instability in the corn market, which impacts refiners, corn farmers, livestock producers and consumers together. The EPA’s favorite tactic, delaying the final rule for the 2014 RFS until sometime next year, is further proof that the policy is broken and the agency is no longer a good steward. It is time for Congress to take bipartisan action on the Renewable Fuel Standard instead.

Some say it's politics. Some say it's government bureaucracy gone wrong. Some say it's Big Corn doing whatever it can to protect its profits.

But to us it means more families struggling with the price of food. It's more pain at the pump. It's more environmental damage. It's more hunger. It's more closed farms and harmed businesses. It's more engines put at risk.

Demand reform on the ethanol mandate from your Congressman!