Friday RFS Roundup – 11/14

November 14, 2014

As the Office of Management and Budget continues to sit on the 2014 ethanol mandate, which is more than 10 months late, advance biofuels sweetheart KiOR files for bankruptcy and EWG and AAA expose the problems with corn ethanol.

More from this week:

• Corn Ethanol Clips Your Car's MPG:

In Short: “From year to year, EPA tweaks the maximum amount of ethanol required in vehicle fuel, based on U.S. fuel consumption. If EPA bumps up that number, it will exacerbate problems corn ethanol already poses to consumers…But the damage won’t be limited to engines. An EPA decision to increase the amount of corn ethanol in gasoline could lead to more pollution in air and water.”

• RIP KiOR: The Khosla-backed biofuel company finally files for bankruptcy:

In Short: “Biofuel startups looking to produce next-generation fuels using plant waste (instead of corn and soybeans) have proven to be incredibly difficult to scale up. Almost none have survived the so-called ‘valley of death’ from small scale production to large scale commercialization at the low price point needed to compete with oil.”