Friday RFS Roundup – 12/5

December 16, 2014

As we approach yearend without a 2014 ethanol mandate, discussion this week covers the worries consumers have about the future of our gas prices and food security.

More from this week:

• What’s Corn Got to Do With It? World Hunger and America’s Largest Crop:

In Short: “Ethanol has been widely criticized over the years, yet growing corn for fuel is a booming industry. According to NPR, there is more than eight times more ethanol in the U.S. now than there was in 2000; increasing ethanol use is good news for farmers, who often produce more corn than they know what to do with, but bad news for just about everyone else.”

• Why gasoline prices are down:

In Short: “Repeal the ethanol mandate. This rule forces refineries to blend increasing amounts of ethanol into gasoline each year, reaching 36 billion gallons in 2022. It’s already driven up fuel and food prices, according to multiple federal-agency and government-backed studies.”


In Short: “So, we will finish the 2014 compliance period without a 2014 RFS final rule. But what does this mean for 2015? At least 2015 does not have elections for the U.S. Senate or the U.S. House of Representatives. But we know that the Agency will be late again, because the proposal for the 2015 RFS has not yet been sent to OMB for interagency review. Recall that the final rule for the 2015 RFS should be issued by November 30, 2014. EPA expects the 2015 RFS proposal to be issued in May 2015, but RFS tardiness is not new: after all, EPA did not promulgate the 2013 RFS final rule until August 2013. Given these constant stoppages, maybe the title of this blog should actually be “Delay, Delay, Delay, and Delay Some More.””