Friday RFS Roundup – 9/26

September 26, 2014

This week, all eyes were on the Office of Management and Budget and their role in the implementation of the Renewable Fuel Standard now that it is out of the hands of the Environmental Protection Agency.

More from this week:

•  Global OMB Should Uphold Proposed Rollback of 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Targets:

In Short: “Unfortunately, EPA is not an impartial umpire in controversies arising under the RFS. For EPA, the RFS is an important source of regulatory power, political patronage, and economic influence. Thus, in RFS policy battles, EPA’s interest more closely aligns with the corporate welfare of ethanol producers than with the consumer welfare of motorists, the economic viability of livestock producers, or the economic efficiency of refiners.”

The Daily Times: Corn ethanol mandate does more harm than good:

In Short: “Americans are spending billions of dollars every year on ethanol as an ingredient in gasoline and diesel fuel. The uncomfortable truth is that this is a huge waste of money.”