Going On The Record

April 24, 2015

Around the country and across party lines there have been whispers calling for an end to the ethanol mandate, the ill-conceived federal policy that’s hurting American consumers, increasing greenhouse gas emissions, polluting our waterways, depleting water resources, aggravating global hunger and worsening extreme poverty around the world. But change doesn't happen in hushed conversations behind closed doors; change happens on the record.

Sofie Miller, Senior Policy Analyst at George Washington University's Regulatory Studies Center, tells us why she is going on the record against the ethanol mandate and why you should too.

Individually, it’s hard to make your voice heard. But by coming together, on the record, we can stand up to the ethanol industry bullies once and for all. Concerned Americans from across the country are demanding reform. You can join them up by going on the record against this policy today.

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