Guest Post: Motorcyclists Oppose the E15 Mandate in Chicago

February 12, 2015

Sign the AMA petition today!
By Wayne Allard, AMA vice president of government relations

Chicago motorcyclists don’t need politicians meddling with their fuel choices. And Chicago merchants don’t need politicians and the ethanol lobby telling them what products to offer their loyal customers.

That’s why you should sign the American Motorcyclist Association’s petition to stop the Chicago City Council from forcing self-serve stations to install E15 fuel pumps. Use this link to download and view the proposal.

E15 is a fuel that contains 15 percent ethanol by volume, 50 percent more than E10, which is the gasoline most readily available throughout the United States today.

This proposed ordinance helps no one outside the ethanol industry. And it can cause significant harm to motorcycle engines and fuel systems. The fact is, the ordinance promotes the expansion of E15 fuel in an urban market with a very large number of motorcycles that are not designed to use it.

In fact, the use of E15 fuel in motorcycles is illegal, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Yet the steps it has taken to prevent inadvertent misfueling are woefully inadequate.

Join your fellow riders by sending a message to stop this misguided proposal. Sign the petition today!

This proposed mandate by the Chicago City Council would force retailers to buy and install new, expensive E15 fuel pumps.  Many stations may subsequently decide to reduce the availability of the E10 and E0, fuels that motorcycles can safely use today. E0 already is tough to find.

Motorcyclists may inadvertently pump E15 into their bikes, resulting in engine and fuel system damage and possibly voiding the manufacturers’ warranty.

In addition to those dangers, it is wrong for the city to force a private business to stock and sell a specific product, especially one that requires an investment of thousands of dollars for infrastructure.

With your help, the AMA and the Smarter Fuel Future coalition successfully fought this proposal a few months ago. However, the ethanol lobby is planning to bring this mandate up again in March.

Now is the time to act! Take your stand.

Help yourself and the rest of the motorcycling community by signing the petition today!