Bacon Lovers Beware; Pork Prices Likely to Rise

September 27, 2012

Bacon lovers should savor buying the salty meat now. Experts say that in a year's time there will be less pork available, which will mean significantly higher prices at the supermarket.

Drought conditions this summer have driven up the cost of corn, a main source of feed for hogs. Farmers have been sending more animals to slaughter — including breeding sows — in order to reduce their herds and cut costs.

So right now, experts say, there's an oversupply of pork.

“Prices will remain stable and might even come down” this year, said Andy Dietrick, director of public relations for Indiana Farm Bureau.

But by this time next year, when farmers are no longer sending as many animals to slaughter, less pork will be available, and consumers will see higher prices.