Leno Doubles Down on Opposition to the Ethanol Mandate

April 17, 2015

In a second Autoweek column in two months, Jay Leno, beloved former Tonight Show host and prominent vintage car collector, has doubled down on his call for reform of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), the federal law that mandates that ethanol is blended into your gasoline.

So why exactly is Jay so staunchly opposed to being forced to pump ethanol into his cherished cars?

“…older motorcycles, antique vehicles, small gas engines—ethanol hurts them all… I have a lot of 25-year-old and even older cars that I use all the time that run terribly on ethanol.”

That’s right, ethanol is known to cause engine damage, especially in vintage cars like Jay’s, but also in plenty of cars that people depend on for daily transportation. So why on earth would he—or anyone—want to put ethanol into a vehicle they’ve painstakingly restored or simply depend on for daily needs? If the response from readers of AutoWeek are any indication, they don’t.

“Judging from the comments we’ve seen,” says Jay, “readers (more than 95 percent of the responses) agree with me… I have heard about these problems from enough people. It’s not like I’m sitting here making all this up.”

Jay Leno’s renewed call for reform comes despite the wrath his first column drew from the Big Ethanol bullies, the few thousand Agribusiness bigwigs and ethanol refiners who’ve been making their fortunes off the ill-conceived government-instituted ethanol mandate (and ultimately off of you, the American consumer) for more than 10 years.

Big Ethanol loves the fact that you don’t have a choice at the pump; because consumers wouldn’t be likely to choose a fuel that is known to cause engine damage and gives them fewer miles to the gallon to boot.

“I guess that’s my main complaint. It’s like having to eat every meal for the rest of your life at the same place, even though you know the food they serve might make you sick… That doesn’t seem right, that we’re not allowed to make a choice,” says Leno.

Stand up to the Big Ethanol and tell Congress to heed Leno’s advice: Reform the ethanol mandate!