Consumers and Biofuels

June 11, 2012

I was glad to see the conclusion of the Wisconsin recall election. We'll all be enduring the constant barrage of political adds soon enough without having an extra election thrown in for good measure.

The Democrats are blaming their loss on a lack of organization and cash, something not apparent to anyone who owns a TV. But, what? They had all those resources to get a recall done in the first place, so what happened? I suggest what happened is: Voters went back to the polls to defend their vote from the last election so they couldn't be stolen from them simply because the minority of voters didn't like some of the policies. I hope the Minnesota DFL was paying attention so we won't have to go through this in our state. One lesson that all politicians should take from this, regardless of party, is to pay more attention to your constituents and less to your favorite lobbyist. The people are watching.