Opposition to Ethanol Mandates Continues to Grow

January 16, 2015

Opposition to misguided policies mandating the use of high-ethanol fuels continues to grow at all levels of government. In fact, officials in two of America’s biggest cities—Chicago and New York City—have intervened in recent attempts to force these fuels onto taxpayers and city workers who do not want them.

Just weeks after several Chicago aldermen blocked a Chicago vote on E15 (which is 15 percent ethanol), transportation and environmental officials in Mayor de Blasio’s administration resisted new legislation that would force biofuel blends into New York City watercrafts. 

“There are a variety of problems related to the use of biodiesel in the marine application,” said James DeSimone, chief operating officer of the Staten Island Ferry, citing the potential for massive engine damage that could leave ferry passengers stranded and voided manufacturer warranties that could leave the city on the hook for engine repairs.

City officials, federal lawmakers, environmentalists and anti-hunger advocates agree that misguided ethanol mandates are bad policy. And yet the biggest ethanol mandate of all, the federal Renewable Fuel Standard, continues to be the law of the land.

Fight back against the ethanol lobby. Tell your Congressman that 2015 is the year for action.