New Poll Shows Voters Across Party Lines Support RFS Reform

July 27, 2015

Presidential candidates and politicians of all stripes: listen up! Americans don’t support the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), says a new poll sponsored by the American Motorcyclist Association. In fact, nearly 70 percent of likely voters across party lines polled in a national survey support reducing the amount of corn ethanol required by the RFS mandate.

The RFS is a federal policy that mandates the blending of steadily increasing volumes of biofuels—billions-upon-billions of gallons of ethanol almost exclusively distilled from corn—into our fuel supply, and therefore into your gas tank. Not only has this policy proven impossible to implement on a practical level (the federal Environmental Protection Agency is currently seeking a waiver from the law as written by Congress because reality simply doesn’t align with the impractical mandates), but it is also harmful to the environment, the food supply and the automobile, marine, motorcycle and other engines we heavily rely on in our everyday lives.

Naturally, there are politically powerful special interests who profit handsomely from this mandate; therefore the fight to reform this ill-conceived federal policy has been an uphill battle. But as the poll shows, American voters are taking notice.

Politicians, particularly members of Congress and presidential hopefuls, would be wise to take serious note of this research because it indicates that a candidate’s stance on the RFS could have an impact on who voters support in the 2016 election. In fact, 44 percent of voters on both sides of the political aisle indicated that they are less likely to vote for a candidate who supports the corn ethanol mandate created by the RFS. This means that while some politicians are busy standing by the special interests who benefit from an unwise federal mandate, voters are making the informed choice to seek representation from those candidates who see the law for what it is: broken and in desperate need of reform.

When you look at the cold hard facts, reforming the RFS is a no-brainer. Still, some politicians seeking to represent you continue to ignore reality in pursuit of their own political agendas. Enough is enough. Tell Congress it’s time to face the facts and reform or repeal the RFS!