PR Web: Cool Rides Online National Survey Uncovers Consumer Concerns Around Ethanol-Blended Fuels

June 12, 2013

Beth Cleveland, June 11, 2013– With gas prices continuing to rise and consumers keeping their cars, boats and equipment longer, many are starting to take greater interest in the debate over ethanol-blended fuel and how it’s affecting their engines and wallets. Most of the country’s gas stations now carry ethanol-blended gasoline, typically with a mix of 10 to 15 percent ethanol and 85 to 90 percent gasoline. However, the national 2013 Ethanol Awareness Survey from Cool Rides Online®, a leading community for people passionate about custom cars, motorcycles, trucks and more, found that half of respondents (50 percent) believe ethanol-blended gasoline may damage their engines, and 46 percent would advise family and friends against using ethanol-blended fuels.

While ethanol has been promoted as environmentally-friendly, recent studies have found that ethanol can have damaging effects on an engine. In fact, more than half (55 percent) of survey respondents had negative experiences when using ethanol-blended gasoline in their car, truck, motorcycle or other rides. They identified a range of problems caused by ethanol-blended fuels, including loss in mileage (68 percent), poor engine performance (61 percent) and long-term damage to engine parts due to corrosion (39 percent).

“Considering most consumers use local gas stations with ethanol-blended fuels, the need for education and prevention is more necessary now than ever to protect consumers from costly repairs and long-term damage,” said Tom Bingham, Director of Marketing for Gold Eagle Co, the makers of the best-selling fuel stabilizer STA-BIL. “Fortunately, companies like ours have developed ethanol treatments to protect engines from the negative side effects of ethanol-blended fuels if the fuel sits for more than one week.”