Republican Debate Brings RFS To Top Of Mind

August 6, 2015

As the 2016 presidential race heats up with tonight’s Republican debate, candidates are being asked to state, reiterate or clarify their positions on many important policy issues. What’s the issue we’re most hoping to hear about? The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). The RFS is an ill-conceived, government mandate requiring increasing amounts of biofuels—billions of gallons of mostly corn-derived ethanol—be pumped into Americans’ gas tanks. Much to the delight of Iowa’s corn industry, ethanol refiners and lobbyists, the law demands more and more ethanol every single year, despite the increasing food and transportation costs to American consumers and taxpayers.

We’ve been following candidates along the campaign trail, and as they discuss energy issues, presidential hopefuls are forced to make a choice: stand up for American consumers and taxpayers, or succumb to Iowa’s special interests. Read what they’ve already said about the RFS below. 

Jeb Bush Former Governor of Florida

Dr. Ben Carson Retired Neurosurgeon 

Chris Christie Governor of New Jersey


Ted Cruz Senator (R-TX)

Carly Fiorina Former CEO of Hewlett Packard, Chair of Good360

Lindsey Graham Senator (R-SC)

Mike Huckabee Former Governor of Arkansas

Bobby Jindal Governor of Louisiana

John Kasich Governor of Ohio

George Pataki Former Governor of New York

Rand Paul Senator (R-KY)

Rick Perry Former Governor of Texas

Marco Rubio Senator (R-FL)

Although he hasn’t taken a stance on the RFS, Senator Rubio said in February, “We're going to examine it holistically as an entire energy policy.”

Rick Santorum Former Senator (R-PA)

Donald Trump Chairman and President of the Trump Organization

Mr. Trump has made a significant name in the media, but has not focused on the RFS. However, in April 2015, he met with America’s Renewable Future. 

Scott Walker Governor of Wisconsin