Reno Gazette-Journal Online: No real benefits to ethanol mandate

September 9, 2013

Tony Clark, September 7 – The USA Today editorial printed in the Aug. 19 RGJ made an excellent case for repealing the Renewable Fuel Standard established under the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 [“Ethanol quotas pumping money from your pocket,” Voices].

As noted, the RFS “called for impossibly large quantities of corn to go into fuel production rather than onto people’s tables, driving up food prices.”

Moreover, the RFS has become obsolete: “All of the energy independence goals that the ethanol mandate was supposed to meet in 2022 have already been met” — by a combination of increased domestic production resulting from new technologies, reduced consumption of gasoline due to fuel economy and the impact of the recession, increased use of natural gas, etc.

In short, as the editorial summarizes, there have been no real benefits to this “bad law,” but lots of “negative consequences.”

The RFS has increased not only the price of gasoline, but the price of everything transported by vehicles using gasoline. Diversion of more than a third of our nation’s corn crop to ethanol production has increased not only the price of corn, but the price of every corn-containing product and the price of all corn-fed livestock.