A Reality Check for the Ethanol Lobby

March 13, 2013

The ethanol lobby sure is making a lot of noise lately. That’s no surprise—as more academics, business groups, politicians, consumer advocates, environmentalists and NGOs call attention to the consequences of the Renewable Fuel Standard, ethanol lobbyists are in full damage-control mode. Day-after-day they rely on mistruths and deflection to preserve the government mandate of their product.

Below, we’ve contrasted their rhetoric with reality – check out the sources and then tell us, who should you trust? A Nobel-Prize Winner, the AAA, environmentalists, food producers, anti-hunger advocates and independent media? Or the lobby dedicated to preserving the artificial market for their product?

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Rhetoric vs. Reality – Food Prices

Rhetoric vs. Reality – Engines

Rhetoric vs. Reality – Environment

Rhetoric vs. Reality – RFS Critics 

Click through and use the arrows to explore what some RFS critics are saying about ethanol.