Friday RFS Roundup – 9/19

September 19, 2014

This week, Al Gore hosted his “24 Hours of Reality,” which focused on climate change and the media discussed how the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is not only failing to help the environment, but may also be harming it.  

More from this week:

The Paper Magazine: Earth Talk for Sept 15, 2014: Ethanol's Unrealized Promise:

In Short: “Ethanol and similar “biofuels” made from corn and other crops seem like a good idea given their potential for reducing our carbon outputs as well as our reliance on fossil fuels. But recent research has shown that the federal government’s push to up production of corn-derived ethanol as a gasoline additive since 2007 has actually expanded our national carbon footprint and contributed to a range of other problems.”

Forbes: Renewable Fuel Standard: Running on Empty Rhetoric:

In Short: “The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is set to release its latest quota for the amount of biofuel that must be added to gasoline. The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is intended to cut greenhouse gas emissions; in reality, the policy harms the environment by doing just the opposite. And by continuing to enforce the RFS, government officials are needlessly driving up prices for food and gasoline.

It’s time leaders admit that the RFS is a policy failure. When lawmakers created the RFS in 2005, they made two key assumptions that are now falsified.”

Motley Fool: Are U.S. Biofuel Targets Putting Your Car's Engine at Risk?:

In Short: “Car engines are manufactured to burn gas and up to 10% ethanol. Anything above that level could harm auto engines. To suggest there would be a public outcry if ethanol mandates started to destroy car engines is an understatement.

Like so many other government rules, however, biofuel mandates weren't structured as a relative percentage of actual consumption. They were based on an expectation of ever-higher gas demand. That made sense until gas demand started to fall, a trend that has been in place for the last seven years, according to energy analyst Carmine Rositano of industry watcher GlobalData.”