Stakeholders Hold Press Call & Hill Briefings on Negative Impacts of the Renewable Fuel Standard

February 4, 2013

On Feb. 4, a diverse group of stakeholders held a press call to discuss the negative impacts of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). The group was comprised of food and fuel manufacturers, livestock and dairy producers, boating and small engine groups, environmental and anti-hunger organizations, and budget watchdogs.

You can find remarks from the following groups below:

Action Aid
Tom Elam, president, FarmEcon, LLC (on behalf of the National Turkey Federation and National Chicken Council)
National Marine Manufacturers Association

And on Feb. 5, many of these same groups hosted Capitol Hill briefings on “The Renewable Fuels Standard: Pitfalls, Challenges, and the Need for Congressional Action in 2013.” Please see below for handout materials available at the briefings.

“Fueling The Food Crisis: The Cost to Developing Countries of US Corn Ethanol Expansion,” ActionAid
“American Frozen Food Institute Urges Congressional Action on Renewable Fuel Standard,” American Frozen Food Institute
“The Renewable Fuel Standard: Real Costs, and Need for Reform,” Dr. Thomas Elam, FarmEcon, LLC
“The EPA vs. State Economies,” Marlo Lewis, Competitive Enterprise Institute
The Price is Wrong (infographic)
Biofuels & the Environment (infographic)
The Real Cost of E15 (infographic)
Food for Thought (infographic)