States take action against ethanol mandates

September 17, 2013

On Friday, September 13, California became the most recent state to take action against ethanol mandates. The state legislature unanimously passed AJR 21, which urged Congress to swiftly enact the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Reform Act of 2013, to alleviate the impact of rising feed costs for California dairy and poultry farmers.

This comes just days after the European Union also voted to decrease biofuels requirements to mitigate the rising cost of food for the world’s poor.

Earlier this year, Florida and Maine also took steps toward removing ethanol from fuel supplies in order to protect consumers.

The walls are closing in on this failing policy, which was only created “because both parties in Congress worshipped at the corn altar,” as Frank O’Donnell of Clean Air Watch explained.

Send a letter  to your Congressman demanding action on this failing policy.

Editor's note: Our previous image incorrectly included Iowa as a state that has taken action. Apologies for the confusion.