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Fuel Fix: Refiners lobbying lawmakers to repeal Renewable Fuel law

Refining industry executives and restaurant owners are set to meet with lawmakers on Wednesday in a bid to convince them to scrap an eight-year-old renewable fuel mandate.

Fuel Fix: Report: E15 causes some cars’ fuel systems to fail

Oil companies are desperate to prevent the use of higher blends of renewable fuels (and) have erected every regulatory and legal roadblock imaginable to prevent our nation from reducing our dependence on oil.

LA Times: Calls to Lower Ethanol Quota Rise as U.S. Corn Crop Withers

Critics have long questioned the commitment of a growing share of a food source for fuel use. But the calls for change have grown louder because the widespread drought has killed more than 50% of the corn crop, driving prices to record levels — and U.S. ethanol is made mostly from corn.

Press Release: AFPM Criticizes EPA’s Decision to Continue Advancing Phantom Fuel Mandate

The American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers, American Petroleum Institute and Western States Petroleum Association jointly filed a petition requesting that the EPA waive the 2011 cellulosic biofuel volume mandate in its entirety due to a non-existent domestic supply of the fuel.

Oil and Gas Journal: CRC Tests Reveal Valve Seat Damage in Some Vehicles from E15

Engine durability tests by the Coordinating Research Council found leaks from vehicle engines ran for 500 hr on a 15% ethanol-85% gasoline fuel blend.

NMMA Member Testifies Before Congress on E15

On Wednesday, Mr. David Hilbert testified before Congress on behalf of NMMA to address concerns about E15 and marine engines.