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Corn over Common Sense

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) was intended to raise the price of corn crops. And it has — to the point that despite trading at three year lows, the price for corn is still far above the pre-mandate price — which is causing problems for the rest of our agriculture industry.

Chicago Tribune: Crop Politics

Corn is America's biggest cash crop by far, and across most of the Midwest it is the most profitable by far. Because roughly 40 percent of the crop is being diverted into gas tanks, a bushel of corn fetches a much higher price today than it did before the government-subsidized ethanol boom.

Chicago Tribune: Food and the Drought

The drought in The Midwest is as bad as it gets. As a result, fewer kernels form on each ear of corn. One important step that should be taken soon: The EPA needs to waive its requirement for using corn-brewed ethanol in U.S. motor fuels.