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Guest Post: Biofuels, Hunger, and Climate: Fixing California’s LCFS Analysis

The politics surrounding biofuels and biomass-based power generation are so fraught with controversy that the Washington Post recently labeled bioenergy “a familiar obstacle to good policymaking.”

Pivotal New Study Calls for End to Biofuels Mandates

Because biofuels haven’t lived up to expectations—environmental or otherwise—the World Resources Institute (WRI) has concluded in a pivotal new study that policies mandating their use, like the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), are a “misguided approach to fighting global warming.”

Gazette Xtra: Con: Renewable Fuel Standard subsidies unneeded as sales of cleaner vehicles surge

The Renewable Fuel Standard has come to symbolize everything that is wrong with government-imposed mandates. It is causing more harm than good and should be scrapped.

The Washington Post: Ethanol mandates creating an economic car-wreck

The 2007 federal law mandating ever-greater ethanol consumption remains on the books, and it is starting to create the economic equivalent of a multi-car freeway pileup.

WKRG: Is Ethanol Safe? Experts Say Not For All Engines

Ethanol is a type of alcohol solvent, meaning it can eat through engine parts like rubbers, plastic, and certain kinds of fiberglass.

The Street: Ethanol Program Spiking Gas Prices

Dan Dicker tells Jim Cramer how the ethanol program is destroying itself with by subsidizing foreign companies and spiking gas prices.

Press Release: NMMA Distributes E15 Warning Labels to Manufacturers for use on Boats

There are serious concerns associated with ethanol blends over 10 percent in recreational boat fuel tanks and engines. Anything above E10 can pose serious problems, like stalling, corrosion leading to oil or fuel leaks, increased emissions and damaged valves, rubber fuel lines and gaskets.