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Oddfellows at the Office of Management and Budget

In addition to discussing individual concerns, the SFF coalition presented OMB with a petition from nearly 13,000 SFF advocates calling for a lowered ethanol mandate.

The Renewable Fuel Standard is Everyone’s Problem

Oil refiners oppose the ethanol mandate, but they are hardly the only ones who take issue with the policy. Environmentalists, tax payers, food producers and consumer protection groups of all types, anti-hunger advocates and even farmers have all spoken out against the RFS.

Friends of the Earth: Ethanol Industry Toots Its Own Horn, Ignores the Cost of Ethanol to Taxpayers

Consumers are paying more at the grocery checkout line and suffering engine damage from the use corn ethanol. Ethanol is also costing us the land, water, and air that we – and our children – depend on. You can’t measure the cost of pollution at the gas pump.