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On UN Day, Remember Biofuels’ Impact on Global Hunger

The RFS has global consequences that can mean life or death for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Ethanol mandates that divert food into fuel are “a crime against humanity,” as Jean Ziegler, UN Special Rapporteur for the Right to Food has stated.

Fox News Latino: Biofuel Demands and Hunger Go Hand in Hand in Guatemala

Next time you fill your vehicle up at the gas pump, you may be contributing to increasing hunger problems in Guatemala.

The New York Times: As Biofuel Demand Grows, So Do Guatemala’s Hunger Pangs

In a globalized world, the expansion of the biofuels industry has contributed to spikes in food prices and a shortage of land for food-based agriculture in poor corners of Asia, Africa and Latin America because the raw material is grown wherever it is cheapest.