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Fuel Fix: Refiners lobbying lawmakers to repeal Renewable Fuel law

Refining industry executives and restaurant owners are set to meet with lawmakers on Wednesday in a bid to convince them to scrap an eight-year-old renewable fuel mandate.

The Daily Caller: GOP may attach ethanol mandate reform to debt ceiling package

There are reports that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor may introduce legislation to reform the ethanol mandate. Cantor’s comments were made during a meeting with top oil industry executives and lobbyists from organizations, including Valero, Phillips 66, Chevron, and ExxonMobil.

Times Record: Womack: Renewable Fuels Act Needs Reform

In Fort Smith on Tuesday for a private lunch at First National Bank, Rep. Steve Womack, R-Rogers, said he is working to revise the Environmental Protection Agency measure with a coalition of Democrats and Republicans.

The Energy Collective: Crashing Into the Ethanol Blend Wall

The blend wall is the threshold at which the RFS requires more ethanol to be blended into US gasoline than the quantity necessary to dose essentially all of it with the maximum 10% ethanol content for which most cars on the road were designed.

Energy Trends Insider: Crashing into the Ethanol Blend Wall

The Energy and Commerce Committee of the US House of Representatives has been holding hearings this week on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). These hearings are timely, since at least two bills have been introduced to reform or repeal the RFS.

Cellulosic ethanol: “Just around the corner” since 2007

In a House of Representatives Energy and Commerce committee hearing on July 23 on the Renewable Fuel Standard, representatives of the Ethanol Lobby said that cellulosic biofuels are “just around the corner.” RFA’s President and CEO Bob Dinneen has been saying this for years:

The flaws of the RFS, as explained by the EPA, USDA and EIA

On Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representative’s Committee on Energy and Commerce held a hearing on the RFS in its Energy and Power Subcommittee to gain clarity — from government officials — on how the RFS is impacting the environment, our nation’s fuel supply and consumers.

Bloomberg Business Week: EPA Says Refiners May Exceed Ethanol Blend Limits in 2014

Refiners may be forced to exceed 10 percent ethanol in their fuels next year in order to meet congressionally mandated renewable-fuel standards, according the Environmental Protection Agency.

Reuters: EPA to issue ethanol use targets this summer

The RFS requires rising volumes of biofuels to be blended into U.S. gasoline and diesel supplies. Oil companies warn that the mandate could lead to fuel shortages and raise energy prices for consumers.

Christian Science Monitor: EPA biofuel rule: energy solution or economic burden?

The Renewable Fuel Standard aims to blend 36 billion gallons of renewable sources into transportation fuels by 2022. Much of that comes from ethanol, but today's cars and trucks were built to handle only so much of the corn-based fuel.

Energy Insider: Why the Timing is Ripe for Ethanol Policy Reform

This April, two separate bills were introduced in the US House of Representatives to reform, or repeal, the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) that mandates how much ethanol and other biofuels must be blended into gasoline.

Comments on Impacts of RFS

The House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce is issuing a series of white papers as the first step in reviewing the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Each white paper poses a series of questions on the pitfalls of the RFS to stakeholders in affected sectors. Read the comments on the white papers: