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Corn over Common Sense

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) was intended to raise the price of corn crops. And it has — to the point that despite trading at three year lows, the price for corn is still far above the pre-mandate price — which is causing problems for the rest of our agriculture industry.

The Daily Caller: Renewable Fuel Standard: A broken and costly disaster

Republicans have long criticized the EPA’s renewable fuel standards, which require gas refiners to mix biofuels with conventional gasoline. Rep. Peter Welch (D., Vt.) remarks, originally reported in the Hill, are at odds with the Obama administration’s stance on the program.

National Journal: Two Senate Panels Compete for Control Over Ethanol Mandate

Two Senate committees are wrestling over a critical energy policy that influences prices of both fuel and food: the renewable-fuels standard that mandates an increasing amount of biofuels—mostly corn-based ethanol—to be blended with gasoline each year.

Experts Outline Costs of RFS

This week, National Journal’s Amy Harder of the asked experts to share their thoughts on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)— “Defend, Revisit or Repeal.” The majority of responses argue that the RFS is not working. Below are some of the noteworthy responses: