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The Hill: Renewable fuel standard mandate is a failed policy

Corn ethanol is forcing its way into the marketplace and is likely increasing greenhouse gas emissions, according to the National Academy of Sciences. In fact, corn-based ethanol nearly doubles GHG emissions over 30 years and increases greenhouse gases for 167 years.

The Sunday Dispatch: Commentary: Pat Toomey Pennsylvanians are worried about jobs

Pennsylvanians cited many examples of policies that are stifling job creation. But two areas were mentioned above others and have people worried the most: ObamaCare and energy.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: The U.S. ethanol policy hurts dairy farmers

Rising livestock feed prices -- a threat to dairy farmers not only in Pennsylvania, but across the country. Working with dairy farmers in California, we've seen the devastating impact of increased feed costs.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:  Pennsylvania’s Milk Producers Face Rising Costs for Feed

Farming is not for the arithmetically challenged. There are costs of equipment to be factored into the reoccurring costs of fertilizer, seed and pesticides; veterinary care for the animals; and then, for those who do not grow enough to feed their animals, feed.