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National Journal: Two Senate Panels Compete for Control Over Ethanol Mandate

Two Senate committees are wrestling over a critical energy policy that influences prices of both fuel and food: the renewable-fuels standard that mandates an increasing amount of biofuels—mostly corn-based ethanol—to be blended with gasoline each year.

Reuters: Leading Democrat says US may not be able to meet biofuel targets

The chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Friday questioned whether the United States would be able to meet federal biofuel targets and pledged to take a closer look at the mandate's link to gasoline prices.

Platts: US Congress committee examines RFS, plans hearings on renewable mandate

A third key congressional committee has entered the debate over the Renewable Fuel Standard, calling for comment on a series of questions and issuing a "white paper" detailing concerns about the biofuels mandate and some of the proposed solutions for increasing ethanol use.